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Business Security

IRS §1.132-5 Evaluations & Reports

The Welsh-Sullivan Group has extensive experience certifying Executive Protection Programs for compliance to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulation §1.132-5 "exclusion of certain working condition fringes" as they pertain to air, land and sea transportation due to security concerns.  Our evaluations and recommendations can relieve your organization, or high-net worth individuals, of significant financial exposure under the tax codes by certifying your compliance with the requirements set-forth in IRS Regulation §1.132-5(m)(1) which allows for exclusion of certain "working condition fringes" from an employee's gross income computation.


The regulation permits the exclusion of security-related costs, such as employer provided transportation (i.e. protective staff, vehicles and aircraft), once specific conditions have been met.  An independent security study could conclude, for example, that security during air travel is necessary, but security on a 24-hour basis is unnecessary.  Our Evaluations and subsequent Reports are coordinated with your legal counsel and are attorney-client privileged.  The Welsh-Sullivan GroupLLC Report will address the current security of a named Principal(s) as to his/her compliance to the IRS regulation and make specific recommendations to either bring the security into compliance or maintain its current status.


The Report will identify any security concerns for the Principal(s) and or the company, and make specific recommendations to improve the current level of security.  The Team will review all the critical factors that are part of a well-managed security program based on industry best practices.

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Security Assessments, Plans, Procedures & Drills

The Welsh-Sullivan Group has extensive experience providing a full range of security solutions to businesses.  Our services include risk and vulnerability assessments, writing customized plans and procedures, and creating and exercising interactive drills/training that encompass multi-level responses to security-related incidents.  We have the experience, assets, and capabilities to design custom products to assist you with all of your enterprise-wide security needs.

We have worked with public Fortune Global 200 companies, private manufacturing operations, large service organizations, small businesses, insurance companies, and various aviation-related businesses and facilities.  Please Contact Us to discuss your needs, request an estimate, or solicit our references.

Expert Witness Reports and Testimony

The Welsh-Sullivan Group can provide skilled Investigations, and Expert Witness Reports and Testimony, on a wide variety of topics involving business security and aviation operations around the world.  Professionally written reports include appropriate referencing and detailed findings accompanied by relevant evidence.  We have experience testifying in multiple criminal, civil, and administrative settings throughout the U.S.

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