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Aviation Security

Emergency Response Assessments and Drills

The Welsh-Sullivan Group LLC reviews your existing Aviation Emergency Response Plans (AERP), security structure, programs, policies, and procedures and designs interactive and engaging drills.  These drills enhance your AERP by assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the AERP across your organization.  AERPs should be updated every three years and practiced, at minimum, every 18 months to ensure personnel are knowledgeable and skilled in effectively interfacing with your companies crisis/risk management and business continuity plans.  Welsh-Sullivan Group consultants engage multiple departments within your organization to facilitate communication and continuity in the event of an actual emergency.  Drills provide immediate feedback to all members of the AERP.

Our consultants will help you assess your AERP, identify and improve gaps or concerns, and conclude with a written report detailing recommendations, including the most effective means of interaction with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), should an emergency rise to that level.  Contact us to start designing your AERP drill today.



The Welsh-Sullivan Group LLC conducts security risk and vulnerability assessments for corporations, General Aviation (GA) airports, Fixed-Base Operators (FBO), and Part 91 Corporate Flight Departments.  We utilize the AVIATION SECURITY AND SAFETY EVALUATION TOOL - ASSET™, a Trademark of the Welsh-Sullivan Group LLC (U.S. Copyright Registration Number TXi 1-719-279), which was designed to evaluate your security operations and facilities against comparable facilities.  ASSET utilizes Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), state and local aviation authority, and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) security and safety guidelines and best practices as the cornerstone of the evaluation process.

ASSET allows for a customized review of your facility's operations, plans, policies, and procedures.  The Tool incorporates the TSA GA Airport Characteristics Measurement Tool (ACMT) to identify your operations baseline to determine most value-added improvements.  The Tool is used in conjunction with your organization's security, business, and/or airport master plans to assist decision-makers develop appropriate short and long-range strategic plans, operational and marketing plans, and economic development plans.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, request an estimate, or solicit our references.

TSA Part 145 Repair Station Security

Welsh Sullivan Group LLC conducts assessments of domestic and foreign aircraft repair stations to review compliance with the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) security-related statutory and regulatory responsibilities.  TSA requires adherence to prescribed Security Measures as outlined in the Vision 100-Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act.

In many cases, we can recommend cost-effective solutions to enhance your current security program based on our extensive knowledge within the civil aviation community.  Please contact us to discuss your needs, request an estimate, or solicit our references.

Aviation Operations relative to IRS §1.132-5

Welsh Sullivan Group LLC conducts risk and vulnerability assessments for corporations, as well as reviewing and certifying Executive Protection Programs, including Flight Department operations, to satisfy Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Rule §1.132-5.  This IRS Regulation involves Security-related transportation supplied by employers for land and/or air transportation due to security concerns.

For more information on IRS §1.132-5, click here, or contact us to discuss your needs, request an estimate, or solicit our references.

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