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Aviation Security and Safety Evaluation Tool - ASSET TM
The Aviation Security and Safety Evaluation Tool – ASSETTMs and or aviation facilities level of security. ASSETTM utilizes TSA, state and local aviation authority and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) security and safety guidelines and best practices as the cornerstone of the evaluation process.  ASSETTM is intended to provide a standardized method of assessing the security of a GA airport, FBO, flight department and other aviation facility against aviation facilities similar in size, operations and location.
In addition to being built on proven TSA, industry and state and local aviation authorities’ security guidelines and best practice, ASSETTM incorporates the TSA GA Airport Characteristics Measurement Tool (ACMT)  to identify a base line level of recommended security that a GA airport should be looking to achieve. ASSETTM is not a one size fits all "Cookie Cutter" assessment, but rather its a customized top to bottom review of security of your facilities operations, plans, policies, and procedures. ASSETTM has been adapted to assess security and safety at GA airports, FBO's and corporate flight departments.
ASSETTM was developed on the premise that security and safety evaluations of aviation facilities should be location driven, not aircraft driven. The use of the TSA GA ACMT provides a recommended security and safety starting point for each GA airport that is unique to that airport.  GA airport management can then assess their airport against their current operational profile and determine through ASSETTM what security improvements are needed now and in the future and to make important business related decisions on where to spend scarce operational funds on airport security projects.
Recognizing that all GA airports, FBO’s, flight departments and aviation facilities are unique, ASSETTM allows the evaluator latitude and discretion when scoring the security and safety posture of a GA airport, FBO or corporate aviation facility. The ASSETTM evaluation will provide valuable information on current and future security requirements that can be used by airport, FBO and flight department management in developing both short and long term strategic plans for security and economic development. In the case of a GA airport, airport management along with their local Economic Development Corporation may include security in their marketing plan to attract corporate and other tenants operating medium to large business aircraft
Remember, ASSETTM is a tool that should be used in conjunction with the organizations security, business and/or airport master plans. When administered by a professional security practitioner, ASSETTM provides the security and safety road map for decision makers to use when developing short and long range strategic, operational, economic and marketing plans. 
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